Overview Of Tensioned Shade Structures

Modern technology offers several ways to enhance the look of your place at the same time giving much needed shade, whether it is your home, office or club premises. Out of available options there is only one unique product which is light, sturdy, colorful, maintenance free and detachable all at the same time. This is to use tensioned shade structures that offer a wide variety of designs to choose from. What is more to install or remove very little specialist assistance or sophisticated tools are needed, as they come with all the accessories and detailed instructions to establish it DIY style. This last feature offers a great advantage to small home owners, who does not have to struggle with complicated blue prints to tackle the assembly and disassembly when you need to move or when you prefer to use some sun light in the winters!

What Are The Benefits Of Tensioned Shade Sails?

Before we start taking a closer look at the designs and inherent features, it may be prudent to take a look at why do we need these structures which look rather ‘fragile’ to you. Some of the positive advantages over conventional structures for similar applications include:

  • Tensioned shade sails (TSS) can be used from small homes to large clubs or even major airports (e.g. Sydney airport arrival lounge)
  • They are water proof and extensive rain water harvesting is available as a bonus at very little extra cost.
  • They are available in all colors and shades imaginable so that you needn’t worry if it will match with your overall décor.
  • They are light and require very little and light superstructure, saving you installation costs.
  • They are available in any shape and size as per your requirement in a short time, unlike conventional shades which may take months of waiting.
  • All the hardware needed to install them can be ordered along with the TSS so you don’t have to worry about any additional engineering problems.
  • The overall visual impact is unmatched due to color choices wider than the artist’s pallet, designs of any choice, shapes and profiles and ability to merge with other permanent structures, unmatched by other conventional shades.


The shades or sails, as some manufacturers call them, are made of PVC, acrylic or Teflon coated synthetic fabric and is practically weather proof offering little or no maintenance costs. The structures are made from tubular steel or aluminum for light weight, yet giving more than the required strength. The exact dimensions of the uprights, cross beams and struts etc., will depend on the overall size, weight, type of soil where installed, local average wind conditions, humidity and the shape of the shaded canopy. Any types of cyber or extraterrestrial (out of this world) designs are possible and generally the more complex designs will need more rugged supports and stays. These are frequently used by event management companies due to their durability and easy assembly and dismantling capability by average skilled work force. In addition if case you need something unique, the design of shade sail installations will not cost the earth; custom designs start from $400 onwards, which is beyond anyone’s wildest dream in conventional structures. Another singular advantage with use of TSS is their capability to accept ‘hard points’ existing in the building, which need not undergo any retro modifications. They also come with tensioning devices so that you can re tighten them if needed to change the look and performance especially in rainy areas. Many designs have adjustable angular positioning possible to be in tune with the change in seasons.

Diversity in design is the unique feature in ever increasing demand for outdoor shade sails. They are available in cantilevered, 4-post, sail, super tent, semi-cantilevered, single or double cantilevered, super dome, pyramid and many more. This extends their applications from homes, garden, children’s play areas, parks, hotels, restaurants, mass storage at project venues, car parks, bus stations and several others. When used at food courts and restaurants, no other bill board advertisement is needed as the TSS stands out to attract customers and may even become a landmark in certain venues. One of the outstanding features is that TSS offers minimal disturbances to use of digital electronics as the metal ‘screening’ effect is very little, compared to more conventional designs which use heavy metallic structures.

When all the factors, features and advantages are taken in total holistic view the tensioned shade structures are par excellence and the customer gets more value for his money and the right choice for your needs.

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