Installing Sail Shades As A DIY Project

Deaf? Dumb, Blind? All thumbs? Two left Feet? Can’t chew gum and walk at the same time?, Mother still ties your shoelaces? If any of these apply to you, then installing your own shade sails is not something you want to try alone. Otherwise installing your stylish yet practical Sun Sail Solution should be as easy…having someone else do your income tax! well.., ok, not that easy. But two or more folks with reasonable diy skills should have no problem.

What you’re going to need in the way of tools to get the job done here, is just what you’d expect. Your standard found-in-ever-house toolkit. The one with all those everyday handy-dandys in it. Hammer, pliers, screwdriver, adjustable crescent wrench, etc. That said, you probably won’t need all of these for your Sail Shade project. And there is one tool that isn’t in your tool chest. And, wouldn’t you know it – it’s the most important one!

The tool I’m referring to is not in your toolbox for a very good reason. Namely – because it’s part of your body! That quivering mass of cells we call "The Brain." The decision maker. The authority who tells you "good idea " or "bad idea. "Go here but don’t go there." And it is your brain, utilizing the common sense division, that will guide you to the perfect do-it-yourself installation. Specifically, "Mr./Ms. B." will help you decide to what support posts your shade sail should be attached.

shade sail installation guide

Strong Mounting Points

This is, as our French cousins would say "de rigeur" (uh..that would be mandatory?) because a weak support system will allow your sunsails to flap around wildly in any appreciable wind. And "instant hang glider" isn’t what you had in mind – is it? The ideal candidates for supports are those items that are (suprise, suprise) already strong. Like the side of a house or firmly grounded wooden or metal posts. Ideally, grounded in concrete.

Once your most important tool has decided where and to what your Sun Shade will be anchored, it’s imperative that you ensure there’s a high degree of tension on the sail fabric. This will deflect any nasty ‘ole wind gusts where they belong – directly to the supporting posts. Thus assuring you a virtually motion-free sail.

Once in place, your Shade Sail can stay there. For up to 10 months. Basically it only needs to be taken down if exceptionally strong winds are forecast, or when the the heat wave season is definitely over and done.

Water Resistance

Although the Shade Sail is water-resistant, it is not water-proof. Ok – I know at first glance this sounds like a legal song and dance, but work with me here. In order for your sail to block 90% of the Sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, it needs to be slightly porous, not completely sealed. This means that a heavy thunderstorm could be a problem, but a light shower will be deflected. Ergo – water resistant. Not water-proof. With me here?

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning your Sail Shade, your brain will be glad to know, is a "no-brainer." Of the non-chemical variety. Water from a garden hose and soft brush are all you need to make Mr. Clean jealous. Chemically based products could, and probably will damage the sail fabric. Thus voiding your warranty.

Conversely, one diy item you have no control over at the present time, is the color of your shade sail. Only four in the premium(standard) range. Architectural Grey, Porcelain, Coastal sand and Forest Green. And 14 in the Custom Range. However your suggestions for new colors are encouraged. And, more importantly, seriously considered.

High Quality Sail Shades – From Shade sails Direct

Lovingly woven (and isn’t that the best way?) from 7 ounce polyethylene monofilament (10 ounce in the Custom Range) Shade Sails are the most practical and affordable solution to cool outdoor terrace and patio living. And, need we remind you, so stylish that the French (those fashion trend setters) are all over Shade Sails like a cheap suit. Add to this our range of sizes, our 10 year guarantee against defects in workmanship and (drum roll) FREE SHIPPING to the US and Canada, it’s hard to imagine anyone not getting with the sail shade program. Innit?

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