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Shade Sails For Sale. Trying saying that really fast. Why? Because it’s important that the "sails/sale" part of this tongue twister gets burned into your brain. If it gets to be, then you get to be NOT BURNED this season. Because you will have connected all the dots and be the proud owner of a Shade Sail.

Nothing to do with boats, water, the America’s cup or any other nautical stuff. But everything to do with keeping you cool and comfortable on your terrace or patio when it’s heat wave time. This is the beauty of a Shade Sail. Made from a high density woven polyethylene monofilament, Shade Sails are the practical, yet elegant solution to being as cool as you want to be in Summer’s heat. Australians know a thing or two about heat, as you are well aware. Could be that’s the reason Shade Sails originated there? Their stylish design naturally attracted French eyeballs and soon Shade Sails were popping up there like vineyards.

Now, it’s America’s turn to get style and comfort conscious with the knowledge that shade sails are for sale. Our depot in the midwest can get your Shade Sail to you in 5 working days max. And we’ve got a deal for you on shipping. FREE! (My favorite price. Yours too?)

Currently we have 5 standard sizes and four colors to choose from. Porcelain, Architectural Grey, Coastal Sand and Forest green. But despair not – our style alchemists are, of course, working overtime to come up with fab new hues to entrance and delight. That said, if you have a color preference not included in our range at the moment -don’t keep it a secret. Remember – "The customer is always right!").

How Do Sail Shades Work?

How Do Shade Sails work their cooling magic? (Thought you’d never ask!) Ruggedly constructed,they block 90% of the Sun’s harmful Ultra Violet rays. But, although they’re dense, Shade Sails are sufficiently porous to let heat escape. This is good news in every sense. Unless you happen to be hit by a monsoon. A light summer shower? – no problem. But, keep in mind, the operative phrase is "water-resistant" not "waterproof."

More good news – In addition to being for sale, Shade Sails are (yes, I’ll say it) a "breeze" to install. They can be fixed to almost any reasonably strong, permanent structure. A house wall or rigidly fixed wooden or metal post for instance. The main thing to focus on when installing your sail is to make sure the tension on the fabric is high. This will have the effect of conducting wind gusts to the support posts. Which, it goes without saying, should be equally strong and permanent. (Think "fixed in concrete!")

Bottom line: In a Tornado, Cyclone or Hurricane – you have no hope. Otherwise, if you follow this proven advice, your Shade Sail will not move when the wind does.

But wait – there’s more! An Even stronger, more durable(but just as sexy) Shade Sail. This is our "Custom range". Other than size options the main custom features are 10 ounce material – compared to 7 ounce in our premium (standard size) range, and, largely because of this, they block 98% of those nasty UV rays. There’s also an enhanced selection of colors. 14 to be exact. As you would expect from the label "custom" each sail is individually made to your measurements. And, the same guarantee as our premium range – 10 years.

So wake up and smell the coffee California! – Shade sails are stylish, practical, reasonably priced, durable, and, best of all – we have shade sails for sale!

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