Shadesail Fitting Kits

Shadesail Fittings Triangular Fitting Kit Triangular Fitting Kit

Shade Sails Direct - complete fixing kits for your square or triangular Sail Shade in marine grade stainless steel.

Shade Sails Direct Fixing Kits

Kit 1 - Triangular Shade Sail

  • 3 screw tensioners for tensioning your shade sail
  • 3 pad-eyes for secure mounting
  • 3 snap hooks for quickly demounting your Shade Sail

Kit 2 - Square Shade Sail

  • 4 screw tensioners for tensioning your shade sail
  • 4 pad-eyes for secure mounting
  • 4 snap hooks for quickly demounting your Shade Sail

Dimensions of our fixing kits

See the dimensions of our fixing kits.

Our shade sails and the wind

The problem with wind is always with the fixings.  The edges of our shade sails are constructed from 1½” (38mm) seat belt webbing and are immensely strong. Sewn into each corner is a marine grade 316 stainless steel attachment ring.  The force created by the wind is transmitted by the shade sail through to the mounting points and high winds can produce very high forces on the fixings. The mounting points and fixings used should be secure enough to withstand these forces.

Install the shade sail with a large amount of tension

Our shade sails must be installed with a lot of tension. Under tension the shade sail will adopt a solid form and not flap in the wind. If the sail is allowed to flap, the forces at the supports are increased and the material of the sail may be damaged.

The only problems we have experienced have been due to inadequately secured or insufficient tensioned mountings. As our shade sails are easy to install, they are often installed by individuals rather than professionals and that is why we recommend that the shade sail should be taken down if high winds are expected. If the installation is secure and the sail correctly tensioned, it is not necessary to remove the shade sail.  See our installation guide for further details.

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