Design Ideas For Your Shade Solution

Shade sails are a new and exciting shading solution. Unlike conventional awnings and shelters, outdoor shade sails are attractive as well as practical. They create a stunning functional design feature in both public and private settings.

The sails are made from a hi-tech fabric that can be stretched out to form a canopy. The material is pulled taught between separate anchor points which are fixed to each corner. The flexibility of the dense fabric means that you are not only protected from the sun, but you also have an elegant architectural shade. Here are some useful ideas that will look great in your garden:

Sophisticated patio area

Outdoor sun sails are the perfect canopy for a grown up patio or outdoor eating area. The sails can be pulled into wonderfully sculptural shapes that make the area look stunning all year round. Classic colors like pale white or sandy tones are muted and sophisticated and look beautiful against a bright blue sky.

By placing anchor points in different places and at different heights the sail can take on infinite forms. Think about the shape you want the distinctive curve of the shade sail to take. By altering the anchor points you can create a swooping dramatic structure, a smooth graceful arc, or a sturdy geometric slope. Look for one that suits both your garden and you sense of style.

Large outdoor spaces

Large outdoor spaces can be difficult to shade especially if they are away from the house. Shades sails are independent structures so this is not a problem. There are several shapes available including triangles, rectangles, hexagons, and squares, all in various sizes. To cover a large or awkward space, outdoor shade sails work well in combination.

There are many possible arrangements. Some of the most popular include overlapping the sails at different heights to create a tiered effect, spreading triangular sails out at the same height to act like a fan, or for a more traditional look, lining several square shades up side by side to cover a long strip of space. Consider many different combinations to find the perfect one.

Small seating area

Having a small shade sail situated over a bench seating area can look very idyllic. It is important to position the lowest corner of the sail away from the seating, as this is where rain will flow off the canopy. If you want your shade sail to blend in with the rest of your garden, there are many varieties available in shades of green and brown.

Children’s Space in your garden

A colorful outdoor sail shade works well when positioned above a children’s play swing, climbing frame, sand pit, or simply over an area your children like to spend time in. It creates a sun proof and waterproof protected space that your kids can play in all year round.

The sun sail shades outdoor material blocks out up to 90% of UV rays which is far more than sunblock and even most clothing. The fabric itself is hard and durable because it is made from UV treated, high density polyethelene with double needle locked stitching. It is colorfast as well as rot and mildew protected. It resists sun degradation so well that it often comes with a 10 year UV warrantee.

Shade sail ideas for public spaces

The shades are very effective at decorating public spaces. They are hardy and cost efficient even for small businesses like restaurants, cafes, car repair shop, or market sellers to invest in. They are ideal for shading diners and cars. They can also add a touch of modern elegance to a building’s facade.

Their structure is semi-permanent. This means that customers will not have to struggle to put them up and down with difficult mechanisms. You can keep them up full time throughout the summer, and take them down easily in the winter to extend their life span.

Shade sails surpass their function and become a sculptural feature in their own right. Using these shade sail ideas can help you to make your garden a more beautiful and practical space. When choosing your sail from a manufacturer look for features like a UV warrantee, free shipping, and secure payment methods to save yourself money both now and in the long run.

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