Sunsails In California

Too much Sun on your patio? No worries! Shade Sails Direct have got you covered. Our shadesails are available in five sizes and four colors. What started down under, Australia to be precise, was soon covering most of France.(Also known to have a fair amount of sunshine.) And Now, sail shades are finally available in California.

So what exactly are Sunshade Sails? – A fancy name for some new style of awnings? or giant parasols? The answer in two words – "No" and "No." Shade sails are stylish yet practical semi-permanent shade solutions, woven from an extra strong 7 ounce high density polyethylene mono-filament. This gives you not only shade, but protection from 90% of the Sun’s harmful UV rays. Because they’re semi porous – to let some air through – California Sunsails are not totally waterproof. So while they will withstand a light sprinkle or two, don’t expect monsoon protection here.


However, if installed properly, your Shade Sail will not budge in a heavy wind. For two reasons:

One – the rugged construction.
The sails edges are made from seat belt webbing. That’s right – the same stuff that holds you in place in your car.
Two – In a heavy wind the force of the pressure will go directly to the mounting points. So, if they’re sufficiently strong and properly installed – No worries! As our cousins down under would say.

Keep in mind that an important part of "installed correctly" is to induce a high degree of tension in the sail fabric. This will ensure that the sail doesn’t flap around in high winds. Therefore, no need to take the sail down if high winds are forecast. In fact, no need to take your sail down at all for 10 months. Just when the Sun goes South and consistent bad weather is forecast.

How hard are they to install? A relative piece of cake. A few hours for two or three folks with reasonable DIY skills. Naturally, this time frame will vary according to the skill level of the installers and the availability of fixing points. So what fixing points do Shade Sails California recommend? Hey – I thought you’d never ask! – pretty much anything logical. For example – metal or wood posts fixed in concrete. Another possibility is a wall of the house. Bottom line: Let logic and your innate good sense lead the way. Obviously a large piece of fabric attached to a flimsy structure will transform your Shade Sail into a kite faster than you can say "66 summer service suggestions." NOT the result you’re looking for!

Styles And Colors Available From Shade Sails Direct

There are plenty of product options.

First of all – Colors. Choose from Architectural Grey,Porcelain, Coastal Sand, and Forest Green.
Second – Sizes – 5 standard ones in the Premium range.
Third – a custom range. Even stronger fabric with a 98% UV ray blocking capacity.

Delivery is at a price everyone can afford – FREE! (In the U.S. and Canada) Shipping for the Premium(standard)range is 5 business days via Fedex. For the Custom range – 7 to 10 days via DHL.

10 Year Guarantee

California Shade Sails come with a 10 year guarantee covering any defects in materials or workmanship or degeneration due to the effects of sunlight. How do you clean your Shade Sail? In two words: Without chemicals. They will damage the fabric and make your guarantee as valuable as yesterday’s newspaper. Water from a garden hose and a soft brush should be all you need. Can’t get much more "low maintenance" than that. Can you?

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