Innovative Shade Solutions With Sail Shades

There is a huge range of outdoor shading options on the market, and among them sail shades are quickly becoming the most popular. The relatively new technology which is used to make the sail shade canopy effectively shelters areas like patios, decks, swimming pools, play areas, and even driveways. Shade sails come with many additional benefits:

Stylish design

The sleek and elegant design of the sail sun shade is a big driving force behind its popularity in style conscious countries like France and Italy. While most parasols and awnings have an old fashioned appearance, the sleek curves of sail shades look stylish and modern. They fit well into both contemporary and traditional settings.

Easy assembly

Unlike other complex shelters, sailshades require only the most basic DIY knowledge to erect. The entire process is designed to be as simple as possible. It generally only requires one or two people depending on their level of experience. The sails come with very detailed assembly instructions so that in most cases it is not necessary to employ a professional installer.

Each corner should be attached to a stable anchor point such as a post, pole or even the side of a house. The corners of the sun shade sail are connected to these points with strong stainless steel fittings. This fitting include a tensioning device that ensures the shadecloth is held taught and does not flap in the wind. The height at which you place the various anchor points has a significant effect on the form of the sail.

Sailshades provide a semi-permanent structure

Shade sails are considered to be a semi-permanent structure and this means that you are unlikely to need planning permission to install them. However, this will depend on the planning legislation in the area that you live. It is best to take the sails down during the winter months when you are less likely to need shade. To disassemble simply unclip each corner of the shadecloth. When folded the cloth is small and compact making it incredibly convenient to store. Keeping sail shades out of the winter rain also makes them last much longer.

Easy to clean shade fabric

The uncomplicated form of the shade makes it incredibly easy to clean. The cloth undergoes a number of treatments that prevent it from rotting, tearing, fraying, or developing mildew. Rain water and leaves cannot collect on its curved surfaces so it rarely needs cleaning. When it does need to be cleaned the process is very simple. Wash the sail with water from your garden hose and a soft brush. There is usually no need to use additional cleaning products, and harsh chemical cleaners should definitely be avoided.

UV protection

Shade sails offer very effective UV protection. They make perfect coverings for areas where children may play or swimming pools where skin is often exposed. They are made from a dense polyethelene membrane which blocks out 90% of UV rays.


Provide cool shade

The knitted fibers of the shadecloth provide a porous surface. This surface allows the hot air, which would otherwise build up underneath the shade, to rise and pass through the membrane. The shaded area is kept at a cool and comfortable temperature even in extreme heat. It is a perfect solution for driveways to prevent cars from becoming too hot.

Wide range of choice

Shade sails come in many different shapes and dimensions, and there is one to suit almost any outdoor area. Triangular, square, rectangular, and hexagonal sails are all available. Common color variations include white, sandy beige, grey and green.

The shape and color you choose has a profound influence on the visual impact of the sail shade. For a grown up outside area, a white or grey triangular sail looks both striking and sophisticated. If you are hoping for a more traditional but no less attractive design, a gently sloping square sail in beige or green is a good choice.

Sail shades are subject to high wind pressure so choosing a high quality model is important. A UV warrantee of over 5 years or as long as possible is especially useful. Look for a trustworthy manufacturer the produces sails with high quality stitching, edge webbing, and stainless steel fixings, as well as a high density shadecloth.

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