Shade Sails For Your Patio ?

Patio shades are a great way to keep an area cool in the sun and dry in the rain. There are a wide variety of shading solutions on the market but many of them look unattractive, are difficult to install, and give you very little freedom of design. Patio shade sails are the perfect solution to this problem. The stunning form of a shade sail is protective, lightweight, and quick and simple to erect.

How they work

Shade sails are made from a durable fabric membrane. The corners of the material are attached to anchor points on poles or posts. The fabric is then pulled taught so that dense material becomes very stable. The placement of the tension points allows that sails to form attractive fluid shapes.

Patio Shade Sail Benefits

Using shade sails for patios has many benefits over more traditional shading solutions:

Adaptable – The design of the sail is completely up to you. You can alter its appearance dramatically simply by adjusting the position of the corners. If your patio area is very modern, you may wish to have the anchor points at a range of heights so that the shade is pulled into an expressive dynamic form. For a more traditional patio, placing the corners so that they create a gently sloping shade sail can look equally good.

Semi-permanent – Shade sails, unlike many other shelters, are a semi-permanent structure. In the majority of areas this means that they do not require planning permission. They can be put up easily in the summer and taken down again in the winter. This also makes the material last even longer.

Functional – The sails are pulled into taught slopes. As a result, they do not gather water, leaves, or any other debris. Be sure to place the lowest corner away from the seating area, as this is where water will run off.


When considering the right size, look for a shade sail the gives you a useful amount of shade but does not over power your outdoor area. Different companies manufacture the shade sails for decks to different dimensions but typical sizes are:

16’5″ Square
16’5″ Triangle
11’10″ Square
11’10″ Triangle

If you are unable to find a shade sail that fits your patio area, they can be used effectively in combination. Alternatively, many companies offer custom made patio sails to your specifications.


Squares, triangles, rectangles and hexagons are all commonly available shapes. They each have different possiblities. For instance, triangular designs are able to create some of the most exciting forms. Square designs on the other hand can look equally beautiful and tend to be more practical to work with if you are trying to cover a square area.

If your patio is not a standard shape, it is a good idea to experiment with different combinations. If you have a long rectangular area, a row of square shades side by side could look better than a single long rectangular model. Equally, triangular shades spread out in a fan shape can be used to cover any number of areas.


When using sail shades for patios they tend to become a key feature, so finding the right color is very important. Bright colors work brilliantly over children’s areas, white and pale grey look sophisticated and elegant, sandy beige tones create a sunny feel and complement most shades of patio stones, and dark green blends well with foliage.

Patio Sails installation requirements

Patio sails are easy to install and take down. However, there are several requirements a space needs for a patio sail to be appropriate.

- The space they are erected in should be free of obstacles like telephone cables, electricity cables, and water pipes.

- Make sure there is enough ventilation for your barbeque. Smoke could collect if you put the barbeque directly under the sail.

- Patio sails are based on the design of ship’s sails, so they catch wind pretty easily. If your home is in a valley or anywhere else exposed to high winds, shade sails may be unsuitable. If your area is prone to getting storms in winter it is advisable to take them down then too.

- The sails need to be attached to poles or posts that are extremely sturdy. Wood or metal are recommended.

Buying sun shade sails for patios is a great way to keep you and your family safe and comfortable in the shade. The attractive sails make outdoor patio and deck areas more usable and more beautiful.

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