Shade Sails Direct – Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s about Sail Shades, put together by Shade Sails Direct according to our customer comments.

Can You Supply Posts Or Masts For Mounting The Shade Sails?

Because the mounting posts will typically be more than 2m, it’s not possible to provide them using an inexpensive distribution service. We recommend that you try to source them within your local area.

Are Shade Sails Waterproof?

Sail shades provided by Shade Sails Direct are made to supply the best shade possible and that’s why they’re built from specialist shade cloth composed of woven HDP (High Density Polyethylene) having a mono filament. The fabric is slightly porous which enables heat to pass through the fabric, supplying truly cool shade. Shade Sails will resist a small shower, but shouldn’t be considered fully waterproof. For more details of the rain protection capability of our shade sails, please see this article – waterproof shade sails.

What About The Result Of Wind On The Shade Sail?

The shade sails provided by Shade Sails Direct are very strong and SailShadeWorld have not had an issue with a shade sail because of the wind – providing that the shade sail is properly installed. The perimeter of the sail is manufactured from the same material as seatbelt webbing utilized in automotive applications and is immensely strong. In windy conditions the main issue is always the mounting points – the pressure from the wind is transmitted by the sail directly to the mounting points. This could produce very high forces in the mountings, which should be sufficiently strong to resist the load.

Just How Much Tension Is Needed When Mounting The Sail Shade?

A Shade Sail should be installed having a high degree of tension. Under tension the sail will adopt a solid form and not move about or flap because of the wind. When the sail isn’t adequately tensioned and permitted to flap, this can produce very high dynamic loads in the mountings and could cause damage to the sail material. The only significant problems we have experienced with damaged sails have been due to inadequate tension. Our fixing kits include screw tensioners which permit a lot of tension to be easily applied to each corner of the sail. Our shade sails are simple to install and therefore are frequently installed by non-professionals. In these instances it is recommended that the sail be taken down if high winds are forecast. When the installation is completed properly and the sail is adequately tensioned and secure, there’s no need to lower the sail.

How Easy Is Installing A Shade Sail?

This greatly is dependent on the particular installation and also the abilities of the installer. Typically, a couple of people reasonably competent in DIY could instal a Shade Sail in a few hours. Observe that additional time might be needed if solid fixing points aren’t available – in this situation more time is going to be needed for concreting in fixing posts for instance. It is important to plan ahead when considering the installation of a shade sail, especially with regard to the area to be shaded (shape and relation to the position of the sun) and the availability of suitable fixing points. Bear in mind that an allowance of around 1ft (30cm) needs to be left at each corner for the fittings and tensioner.

So What Can A Shade Sail Be Fixed To?

Shade sails are often mounted on structures that offer a good solid attachment point. This may be the wall of a house or wooden or metal posts concreted in to the ground. Keep in mind that Shade Sails are quite large and also the forces produced in the mountings by even a tiny bit of wind could be considerable. We do not recommend attaching shade sails to flimsy or temporary structures that could move or be damaged by high forces at the mounting points.

So What Can Sail Shades Be Utilized For?

Sail shades are design to create shade in the garden and to provide protection from the sun’s dangerous rays. The sail reduces as much as 90% of dangerous Ultra violet and offers an elegant and enjoyable area to savor a garden or terrace. In addition to the shading benefit, shade sails are extremely good as a privacy screen for patios and balconies which may be overlooked.

What Amount Of The Year Can A Shade Sail Be Utilized For?

Since the Shade Sails we supply are Ultra violet stabilized and are very solidly built edges constructed from seat belt webbing, they may be left in position for 10 months of the season and just taken down when bad weather conditions are forecast. Once installed, with quick release snap-hooks a Shade Sail could be taken down and stored in just a few minutes. Our Sail Shades are guaranteed for ten years. This guarantee covers any defects in materials or workmanship or degeneration due to the effects of sunlight.

What Fixtures Should I Have?

On the square sail you’ll need four snap hooks, four pad eyes (or eye bolts) and four turnbuckles to tension. For a triangular shade sail only three of every fitting is going to be needed. To achieve further extension from the support if needed, a length of stainless chain may be used. We do not recommend the use of elastic or "bungee" cords for mounting the sail unless it is very temporary – for example just to provide shade in a particular area on a hot afternoon.

Just How Much Distance Ought To Be Permitted Between Your Shade Sail And Fixing Points?

The minimum distance ought to be 300mm to permit sufficient tensioning. You will see diagrams showing the tensioned and untensioned size of our fixings kits here.

How Do You Clean A Shade Sail?

A garden hose and soft brush is that’s suggested to wash your sail. Do not use strong chemical cleaners or bleach as this will damage the material of the sail and invalidate the guarantee.

What Colors Are Available?

Shade Sails Direct presently supplies Sail Shades in four colors – Architectural Grey, Porcelain, Coastal Sand and Forest Green.

How Long Will Delivery Take?

Deliveries in the US are handled by FedEx and deliveries are normally made within 5 business days from when the order is placed for our shade sails of standard sizes (excluding weekends). Any orders placed during the day are processed the next morning and FedEx collect the order from our Midwest distribution center on the same day. The order will then be delivered within 2-4 days after collection. Canadian orders ship via US Postal and are normally delivered with 10 business days.

Custom shade sails are dispatched directly from our factory via DHL and are normally delivered within 7-10 days.

Any Other Questions?

Please contact us.

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