Fixing Kit Dimensions

The mounting kits we offer include the following:

  • Turnbuckle tensioner – for applting tension to the shade sail
  • Pad eye – for secure mounting to a solid surface
  • Snap hook – for quick and easy removal

Normally, a set of fasteners are used at each corner of the shade sail and the turnbuckles are tightened equally to ensure adequate tension in the sail so that it takes a solid form and does not move in the wind. If the shade sail is allowed to flap because of insufficient tensioning, this could produce dangerously high loads at the mounting points.

The following pictures illustrate the size of the fixings and the range of adjustment available. Adequate allowance must be made for fixings at each corner when choosing the size of the shade sail in relation to the mounting points. Also bear in mind that the shade sail will stretch by up to 3% when fully tensioned.

Turnbuckle Snap Hook

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