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Authorized on-line retailers of the Sail Shade World range of products. We supply to the US and Canada from our mid-west distribution center. Sail Shade World Pty Ltd from Australia are the largest manufacturer of high quality sunshades worldwide, with over 70,000 satisfied customers. Their sun sails are manufactured using only the highest quality commercial grade shadecloth and are guaranteed for 10 years. Your assurance of quality is the Sail Shade World brand that is stitched into the border of every sun sail we supply.


What Is A Sail Shade?

Solar sails are a very simple but very stylish shade solution which provides several advantages over more conventional products such as parasols and awnings:

Breathable Shade Cloth Fabric Provides Cool Shade

The high quality sunshade fabric used in the production process is a formed from a high density polyethylene (HDPE) monofilament which is woven together to create the shadecloth. This produces a material having a Ultra Violet (UV) absorption well over 90% that is breathable and enables heat to escape from beneath the sun shade. Despite being porous, our sunshades do provide some defense against light rain, but shouldn't be considered fully water-proof. In a heavy downpour, much of the rainwater will flow across the upper surface, however, some will inevitably drip from the shade cloth.

Stylish Design Feature

Broadly adopted within Australia as the shade solution of preference, the popularity of sunshade sails is increasing quickly around the globe. The design and style-conscious French market has witnessed particularly rapid growth as early adopters have grabbed the chance to create these elegant types of tensioned sail structures for their outside areas. Because the items have grown to be more easily available through online retailers like Shade Sails Direct, the marketplace has grown rapidly, with increasing numbers of people taking the chance to mix the functionality of this semi-permanent shade solution with touch of design flair.

Practical Shading Solution

Our prime quality materials, low maintenance needs and ten year guarantee have created a superb new product that offers a much more practical and long-term shade solution than classical parasols and awning. As well as the range of standard sized products, we offer customized solutions which are manufactured to your exact dimensions. Additionally, our sunsails really are a practical DIY proposition for anybody having a reasonable degree of home improvement abilities. This enables individual clients to test out different mounting options to get the optimum shading effect coupled with a nice and classy appearance.

Top Quality Garden Shade Products

Our shades are produced from commercial grade, extra strong knitted 7 ounce (220 g/m2) shadecloth and have a ten year fabric warranty against Ultra Violet (UV) breakdown. The perimeter of the sails are built from 1½” (38mm) seatbelt webbing and therefore are hugely strong. Stitched into each corner is a marine grade 316 stainless attachment ring. The premium sun sails we feature are top quality and cannot be mistaken with cheaper items that will not last. Behind Sail Shade World are more than 70,000 satisfied clients.

Design Possibilities

Look at a few of the possibilities for your new shade sail installation...

Product Range - Standard Or Custom ?

Our standard size range is available in 5 standard sizes and four different colors - Coastal Sand, Architectural Grey, Porcelain and Forest Green. The high-density (HDPE) shadecloth blocks over 90% of dangerous Ultra Violet (UV) radiation.

Our custom made products are of even higher quality and are manufactured from a premium (10 ounce) shadecloth providing up to 98.8% Ultra Violet protection.

  • 10 ounce shadecloth, much heavier than the 7 ounce material in our standard range
  • Heavyweight 2” (50mm) seat belt webbing double stitched around the edge
  • Larger range of 14 different colors, compared to 4 in standard sizes
  • Individually fabricated to your exact dimensions
  • Available in triangle, square, five and six sided forms
  • Custom made sails are sent from the SailShadeWorld production facility in under 7 days
  • 10 year guarantee against UV degradation

FREE Delivery To USA

Deliveries in the United States are by FedEx and are usually made within 5 business days. Tracking numer provided. Orders for Canada are $50 per order and ship by US Postal with delivery normally within 10 business days.

Custom made orders are shipped by DHL directly from the factory, and will normally be delivered in 7-10 days.

We supply high quality sun shades manufactured from premium grade specialist shade cloth, guaranteed for 10 years. Our sun sails are available in 5 standard sizes covering square and triangular shapes including a right triangle design. Our products are avalable in four different colours - Architectural Grey, Porcelain, Coastal Sand and Forest Green.
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Our custom made sunshades are manufactured exactly to the dimensions you provide and are available in professional quality (10 ounce) and residential quality (7 ounce). Custom made products are delivered direct from the factory by DHL in 7-10 days.
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Shade Sails Direct offer fitting kits in marine grade 314 stainless steel for your square or triangular sun sail.
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Installing a tensioned sailshade can be accomplished by anyone with a reasonable level of handy man skills and a few simple tools. We recommend that you carefully read our installation guide before you start.
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Client Ratings


By Scarlet from Las Vegas

"We loved the first shade sail we bought, this is exactly why we made the decision to buy another! We have very windy conditions here but the sail has stood up well. Excellent quality."


Triangular Sail Sun Shade
By Dior21 from Montreal

"As with other comments, I, too found the style and shade to be just waht I was after. I hope that it will prove to be durable for the long haul. I purchased another one three days later because I looked around and located this was the very best price for this product! You will find lower quality options available although not having a ten year guarantee."


Great Product
By Klippe from Omaha

"I receive plenty of compliments on my small sail shade! My first choice was Forest green, but this was not available at the time and so i settled for beige which looks great. I'd purchase them again!"


Sun Shade
By Alois from Austin

I purchased the product also it showed up rapidly And also at a significantly lower cost than similar products I found by doing a search online!


Absolutely Great!!!
By Redcap88 from Detroit

"The product is really great - very simple to use and offers a significantly needed break in the sun. I really utilize it being an extension to my garage for any garden party. I'll absolutely recommend it for cost, value, quality and construction."


Deeply in love with Sun Shade!!!
By Ladybug from Denver

"I simply simply love the product. After setting up one, I purchased two more. I simply wish there have been more colors to select from!"


Triangular Sail Shade
By Nougat from Indianapolis

I hung the shade sail at the end my terrace in around an hour which is now the talk of the neighbourhood! Everybody keeps asking me where they can get one.


Fun and Functional
By Sammich from Phoenix

"Provides me the colour tone I had been expecting for my small patio - regardless of what time of day, it's well-shaded and very stylish."


Great Product
By Red from Ottawa

The product is among the best purchases I have made. It's durable and produces enough shade making my terrace a minimum of 10 degrees cooler. I would suggest the product to anybody! It is also a lot more stylish and unusual compared to items obtainable in the local stores.


Sail Shade
By kook21 from Anchorage

"We received the triangular-formed sail within the beige color very quickly. It so nice and sturdy! It's more compact than it seemed in the pictures, however it looks fantastic! We will get two more and mount them together at various levels with slight overlaps and that will appear great."


By Flash from Regina

"Finally, here comes a business that is offers great customer support! High quality and fantastic, fast service. Appreciate this kind of easy ordering and fast delivery!!!"

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All About Shade Solutions

Shade Sails Direct

Sunshade Sail History

Ever since ancient times, man has been known to use large pieces of cloth or fabric to provide shade and get protection from the sun. History reveals the use of large canvas "sails" by Roman sailors, which were tough, heavy and inflexible. But nevertheless, these sails were durable and served the purpose of providing shade - these were the first shadesails.

These primitive types of solar sails have also been known to be used in different countries throughout the ages, especially in the sunnier and hotter countries like India, Africa and the desert regions of the Middle East, and even in the wet Amazonian forests.

The modern design of shade-sails used today have a more extensive use. The use of a far more resilient and reasonably priced fabric known as shade cloth first appeared in Australia and South Africa towards the end of the last century. These shade sail products offered protection from the sun's harmful UV rays and in recent times have become increasingly popular as an alternative to parasols and pergolas.

In the beginning, there was some confusion over the terminology that should be used to describe these sun sails. People often referred to them as sail shades or sun shades. It is, of course acceptable to refer to them any way one likes, but as the product gain acceptance in a market a specific term normally emerges as being the most popular way to describe the shade sail products. Perhaps surprisingly, the innovative technology behind the product has only seen a sluggish growth in the European market, but a recent survey indicates that soon France, Germany and the United Kingdom will open up to sunsails and be more receptive to this new technology. Soon they will be more popular and easily available in the market. Other countries all over the world are expected to follow suit, Greece, Italy, Benelux countries and Spain of course. The new technology of solar shade is adaptable to all climates and situations and is on the way to becoming the "must have" summer accessory.


If we look at the earlier fabric used for making a sunsail, it was not strong and durable enough to defy the strong UV of sun as well as its heat. Needless to say, these earlier attempts suffered from UV degradation and did not offer complete protection from the sun.

The specialist fabric used for making tensioned sun sails today is far better and improved, thanks to the new technology - High Density Polyethylene (HDP) with a mono filament. While manufacturing the shade cloth, UV inhibitors are added to make it stronger and resistant to the sun’s heat. Today, sailshades are manufactured from superior fabric and are offered with UV degradation warranties which run for several years.

This new cloth is actually a knitted fabric and it is this inbuilt stretch of the material, which is used to form three dimensional shapes with ease. This is a very important factor as not only is the fabric more resistant to UV, but is also easy to handle and use it for making different designs. Another important plus is the low cost of this new shade material which make it the first choice for making sunsails. The other alternatives like PVC or some variations in canvas tend to be more expensive and do not allow hot air to pass through the sail material.



Another benefit of using the knitted fabric to make the sunsail is that it lets the fabric breathe and feel alive. The warm air from below the fabric can easily circulate through and not feel trapped inside. This results in a cool shade which is simply not possible with a parasol or pergola. Today, you will come across different new sun shades in different shapes, colors and sizes. The trend seems to be moving towards using and installing multiple sail shades. These are sometimes arranged in an overlapping design, thus adding some depth and style to the overall function.

A stainless steel turnbuckle or a pulley system set at all corners of the sail provide the much needed tension to give them a pleasing architectural shape. In case of permanently fixed sun sails, the turnbuckle is used to apply a large amount of tension to the sail, which is essential for a permanent installation. In case using these products for domestic purpose, it is suggested to use snap hooks, which allow for easy setup and removal in adverse weather conditions. This can be done in just a few minutes.

One needs to apply the right amount of tension in the right direction for the correct installation of these solar sails, so as to avoid any flapping in the wind and give them the right shape.

What Is The Correct Name For This Product?

As shadesails are still a relatively new product there are many different ways that are used to describe them. A lot of the phrases used tend to combine the functionality of the product with its sail like appearance: expressions such as sun shadesails, sail sun shade and sun sails shade reflect this approach. Alternatively people can use a more descriptive term for these sails for shade such as shade sail canopy, sun shade canopy and sail shade canopy. Finally the product can be referred to more by the material or shade cloth from which the sun shade is manufactured. Sunsails supplied by Sail Shade World are made from a specialist shade fabric which should not be confused with canvas or primitive cloth products which do not offer the same degree of UV protection and durability.

Where Can They Be Used?

The potential applications of sun sails are really only limited by the imagination of the designer and installer. Patio sails are very popular and can really add to the style of your outdoor space. In the US, backyard shadesails or deck shadesails are very common to provide shade in an outdoor eating or barbeque area. The range of shade products available on the market makes it very easy to find shadesails for decks that will match the space available and complement the existing color scheme.

While it is possible to install the products in an indoor environment this would usually only be for the visual effect. Outdoors, the products are able to combine aesthetic beauty with the practical concern of providing garden shade. Outdoor sail shade designs and especially garden sail shade products are often green in color to tone nicely with the garden planting and greenery.

Others applications would be pool sailshades to provide UV protection while swimming and playground shadesails which are particularly important to protect young children from over exposure to the sun's radiation.

Shade Sail

What Are The Main Types?

Apart from the color the main types of shadesails are differentiated by their shape.

Triangle - A triangle sun shade sail is a very adaptable shape that only requires three fixing points and can be used to shade corners as well as larger open spaces. A triangle sail sunshade or triangle sailshade can be used in multiples to form an attractive overlapping design to provide a pleasing visual effect. Shadesail triangle designs are offered by Shade Sail World in 16' 5" and 11' 10" triangular shade sail sizes.

Square - Square sail sunshade products are often the first choice when the project requires a large area to be covered. Square sunshade sail designs are offered in 16' 5" and 11' 10" square sizes. For rectangle sails, where the sides of the rectangular shadesail are of different lengths can be ordered as custom designs on a made to measure basis.

Right Angle - SailShadeWorld also offer right triangle shadesails with dimensions of 9'10" x 13' 1" x 16' 5". This right triangle product is a Sail Shade World exclusive and can be a perfect solution for creating a shady corner where only a right triangle will fit.


How to install shadesails - shade sails diy is perfectly possible for a handyman with a reasonable amount of experience. The most important factor in a diy installation is the security of the mounting points as it is these that take the force of the tension in the sunsail installation, which will be magnified significantly in windy conditions. If you do not have enough walls to fix the mountings you will need to consider using additional posts or poles. A diy installation will need the appropriate fixing hardware such as screw tensioners, pad eyes and eye bolts. These accessories are all available in high quality stainless steel from Shade Sails Direct. Don't forget to read our sunsail installation guide which covers everything in much greater detail.

Shade Sails For Sale

This website is operated by Shade Sails Direct and offers Sail Shade World products. If you are searching from the usa or Canada, browse through our online store which has all items in stock for next day dispatch. Within the website are many shading ideas to help you choose an appropriate layout for your terrace, pool or deck. For larger sizes we offer a made to measure or custom made service to get a sailshade design that exactly matches your requirements.


Delivery, Installation and FAQs

FREE Delivery

For our standard size shadesails we offer FREE delivery to mainland USA and Canada.
US deliveries are sent by FedEx and are normally delivered within 5 business days.
For Canada we ship by US Postal which takes about 10 business days.
Our custom made shade products are delivered direct from the factory by DHL in 7-10 days.


Installation of a sunshade sail can be completed by anyone with a reasonable level of handyman skills and it is not generally necessary to call upon the services of a professional installer. Apart from accurately measuring and marking out the necessary fixing points, the main task is concered with creating secure mounting points.

In a brick or concrete wall this will involve drilling suitable holes with a power tool and using the appropriate fixings to give a secure anchorage. If posts are to be used for one or more of the fixing points, these must be of adequate size and very securely embedded in the ground - usually by digging a hole with a depth of one third of the length of the post and filling it with concrete. Even for a DIY enthusiast a second pair of hands would be very useful to help complete the installation.

See our installation guide for more information on safely installing your sailshade.

European Sales

For shade sails in the European market please visit our sister site https://voiledombragefrance.fr - in France shade sails are known as voiles d'ombrage or voiles solaire meaning sail shades or sun shades. We also have partner sites covering the German market (sonnensegel-direkt.com) and the Portuguese market (toldosvelas.com).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have compiled a list of the questions most often asked by our customers.
Click here to view the frequently asked questions.


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About SailShadeWorld

Among the different existing shade sail products, sunsails manufactured by SailShadeWorld are increasingly adopted because of their many aesthetic advantages. Simple and practical, they will give you a nice look to your garden or other outdoor space, where you can relax in the shade.

What is a Shade Sail?

It is a special type of shadecloth (high desity polyethylene fabric HDPE) which allows you to benefit from sunlight while avoiding sunburn or harmful UV rays. The use of sailing cloth dates back to Roman times and, more recently, it has been very prominent in Australia. Today, this practice has become very common and can not only add a touch of beauty and modernity to your building, but also to protect some of your outdoor structures. Among these, for example are, pools, playgrounds for children, etc. In addition, the system is not very complicated to achieve, but if you want, you can call on the services of a specialist.

Range Of Choices

Choosing your solar sail depends not only on your actual needs, but also your taste. You need to know exactly what you want to define the shape and type of fabric to best suit your situation. Generally, existing shapes are square, rectangle, triangle. As regards the type it is related to the material used in the manufacture and the most common and are acrylic, polyester, etc.. Speaking of taste, it is necessary to refer to colors (white, orange, yellow, etc..) But do not worry, you'll get a fine product from Shade Sails Direct, regardless of your requirements.

This EPA Guide To Shade Planning provides a useful reference to help you plan the arrangement of your shade solution.

Advantages of Products From Sail Shade World

Our offerings as we mentioned earlier are much appreciated because of the many advantages they offer. Above all, their corner mounting rings in 316 stainless steel makes them very resistant, preventing premature wear. Thus, even before after long exposure to the elements, you are sure to see these kinds of sails in good condition. It will not be necessary to buy a new shade sail each year - our products have a 10 year guarantee. However, it is advisable to remove the sail if severe weather is forecast. Also, the finish is perfect, which gives them a remarkable beauty and a certain originality. So you could make your home attractive while providing a relaxing environment protected from harsh sunlight. Another advantage of our products is that they are very practical and easy to install and uninstall.

See a range of shade sail installations and design ideas in these Shade Sail Videos

Technology of Sailshades

Initially, the new shade sail materials were not sufficiently resistant against the effects of sun and suffered from damage caused by UV rays. Today, the modern manufacturing process incorporates UV rays inhibitors to solve the problem.

10 Years Warranty

All products supplied by Shade Sails Direct are guaranteed for 10 years against damage from UV.

The shadecloth is made of mesh, which provides excellent elasticity and is easy to clean with a hose and soft brush. Note that to be installed correctly the material must be properly tightened - with the tension applied using a screw turnbuckle. This allows interesting architectures to be achieved and three-dimensional effects for your space shading.

Sunsails - Benefits

An additional advantage of the mesh material is to allow the fabric to "breathe" allowing fresh air to circulate under the canvas and not to get stuck. This brings the particular effect of 'cool shade' for which these products are well known, making them the best selling worldwide.

The modern shade sails vary in shape, size and color, there is a tendency to install several sails, sometimes superimposed on each other, adding new forms and styles to its functionality. The solar sails are usually attached with stainless steel fixings to provide long life corrosion resistance. Mounting points must be very secure to resist the wind forces directed into the mountings by the shade sail. A quick release clip is provided with our fitting kits to allow the sail to be quickly removed and stored.

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Square And Triangular Shapes

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Garden Shades For Sale

How do shade-sails work their cooling magic? Ruggedly constructed,they block 90% of the Sun’s harmful Ultra Violet rays. But, although they’re dense, these sunsails are sufficiently porous to let heat escape. This is good news in every sense. Unless you happen to be hit by a monsoon. A light summer shower? – no problem. But, keep in mind, the operative phrase is "water-resistant" not "waterproof.".
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Designing Your Own Garden

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Waterproof Shade Sails - Do They Work?

While it is not possible to have truly waterproof shade cloth that is also breathable, we should consider how well the products from SailShadeWorld can act as a waterproof shade sail. One important factor to consider is the mounting of the sail. If the shade sail is mounted so as to be almost flat, there will be a risk of the rain "puddling" in a patch on the sail and then inevitably the water will drip through the slightly porous shade cloth fabric. By mounting the sail at an angle or with a twist – which is actually more stylish and appealing to the eye – the majority of the rain will simply run off the semi waterproof shade cloth.
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